Counterbore Tools

The company is known for its high quality Counterbore Tools in the national market. Our Adjustable Counterbore Tool made available by us is specially designed for the purpose of counter boring. Apart from this, we are considered as the most important Counterbore Tools Manufacturer as well as one of the leading Exporters in India.


Precitec counter bore/spot facing tool replaces conventional HSS cutters and offer the advantages of throwaway indexable carbide inserts. The standard range of tools include counter bore size from dia. 19 to 63 dia. in steps of 1mm. Higher sizes as well as smaller sizes are manufactured specially to the needs of users. Each tool makes use of 2 standard (mostly SPUN type) inserts available freely in the market. Replaceable pilot allow for variations in pilot sizes corresponding to a particular counter bore/spot facing size. Tools with special shanks are also made and supplied. To facilitate easy chip flow, well designed gashes and relieves are provided on the tool shank. Combination tools for counter boring as well as Rear or Duplex Spot Facing and Chamfering tools are also made to meet the specific requirements of components.