Facing Centering Machine

The Facing Centering Machine features Spindle Movement by Hydraulic quill/hardened and ground guides. The Facing Centering Machine comes in different options like The Facing with Traverse milling, CNC Machine with Facing and Centring, Center hole drilling/tapping and Twin spindle facing centring.



  • Spindle Power : 3 HP/ 5HP/7.5HP/10HP
  • Max. Facing Dia.: 40mm/70mm
  • Method of Facing Centring : Plunge facing and centring.
  • Max Job Length : 250 /400/630/800/1000 mm
  • Job Clamping : V and Flat/ Self centring Vice
  • Table Feed : Hydraulic, optional: servo drives
  • Special Tooling : OD turning/Chamfering.
  • Spindle Movement : Hydraulic quill/ hardened and ground guides.